The Powers And Abilities To Get Into The Superman Character

Do you secretly imagine yourself as invincible? Do you dream of having special powers that would make you faster than a speeding train and give you muscles so hard that you would be impenetrable to bullets? Then perhaps you should don your cape, as it looks like “this is a job for Superman!” Regardless of your size or age, whether you are an adult, teen, child, infant, or yes, even a hero loving dog, we have a Superman costume that will fit you perfectly! Whether you are “needed in Metropolis” or elsewhere in the world; get ready to change from mild mannered reporter Clark Kent and save the day as the Man of Steel! We have complete, high quality tailored outfits and related accessories to help you become one of the Universe’s most powerful and beloved superheroes.

We supply everything that you need to help you promote “Truth, Justice, and The American Way” as the world’s favorite masked man and we can help make your transformation into the ultimate superhero complete– except for phone booth of course! Regardless of your crime fighting experience you will be unstoppable (as we don’t sell kryptonite!) in our Superman costumes!

If you want to dress up as Superman, in the new Man of Steel costume then you need to understand the character itself. Superman is the most iconic of all superheroes. He has a range of amazing powers and you will need to know them all if you want to dress up as him. After all, if you want to look as if you are able to save the world in a heartbeat, you need to know how you will be able to do so.

Superman is faster than a bullet at full speed. He is stronger than a locomotive and he is able to leap over a building in just one bounce. He can fly, his strength is beyond belief, he is invulnerable and he has super speed. He also has different powers of vision, including heat emitting vision, x-ray vision, infrared vision and telescopic/microscopic vision. Best of all, he is able to blow freezing air and he can propel at the speed of a storm.

It seems that as the character has progressed, new powers have started to appear. He has been able to fly and jump further and further, and became faster and faster. He can even survive nuclear attacks. In fact, the only thing that could possibly hurt Superman is green Kryptonite. So, if you are going somewhere dressed up as Superman, you must make sure that none of your archenemies have been able to get their hands on Kryptonite and rob you of your powers or, worse still, lock you in some sort of space station never to be seen again.